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Harvey Milk @ The EARL 2005-07-29

Harvey Milk



MP3 ZIP file is here

4 comments to Harvey Milk @ The EARL 2005-07-29

  • woodruff

    i would love to get this show. the songs wont load…

  • Nathan Baker

    I have these MP3s, from back when Sloan first posted them. If anyone wants them, email me at nathan503 AT gmail. But folks should be forewarned that the files are at a lower quality (128kbps) than the more recent files. And I’m not sure about one aspect of the song order. “Merlin is Magic” is either song #3 or #4, and “Smile” is the other one. I just don’t know which song came first in the setlist.

    Sloan, will you consider reposting?

  • admin

    Sure, I’ll dig those up soon.

  • admin

    Now fixed with 320k files