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Harvey Milk @ Caledonia 7/30/05

Lars over at Thor’s Rubber Hammer Productions has been waiting years for me to post this one (sorry dude!). Tour starts tomorrow!

Track 1 – One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
Track 2 – Come And Spit
Track 3 – Plastic Eggs
Track 4 – I Don’t Know How To Live My Life
Track 5 – Love Swing
Track 6 – Jimmy Page’s
Track 7 – Merlin Is Magic
Track 8 – Instrumental
Track 9 – Crush Them All
Track 10 – I’ve Got A Love
Track 11 – F.S.T.P.
Track 12 – Smile [the long pause after this tune was spent trying to find a guitar for Creston to play, he’d just smashed his]
Track 13 – E:) Jaws Jack
Track 14 –

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