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Southern Shelter Record(s): Creston Spiers 7"( + 5/1/08)

I’m excited to announce Southern Shelter Record(s) and our first (and only?) release, a 7″ vinyl single by Harvey Milk frontman Creston Spiers! I brought the Southern Shelter Mobile Recording Unit to Creston’s home in Athens recently and recorded two of his unreleased original songs. Side A is “Yesterday’s Parade”, written for the band A (who never made a release); it’s backed with “The Time Has Come”, written during Creston’s time drumming for Producto. These songs are drastically different from Creston’s Harvey Milk work. Both tracks have him backed only by acoustic 12-string (sitting on his couch!)

Chunklet will be handling internet orders exclusively for this very limited run (200 copies pressed on heavyweight clear vinyl, packaged in a durable “picture disc” sleeve). A limited number will be available at yet-to-be-announced Harvey Milk shows to take place following their European tour. A very small number will be placed with local record stores, but by far your best chance to get one is with the Chunklet pre-order. Records will ship mid-/late-July. I’ll post more details on the record store copies around that time.


Of course I have some free music to post in celebration. Creston played a happy hour Nuci’s Space benefit at Caledonia (during which I realized he’d be perfect for the record I wanted to do). Leonard Cohen is his favorite artist, so we got all Cohen tunes, save for the last number.

Creston Spiers @ Caledonia 5/1/08

Track 1 – Bird On A Wire
Track 2 – Master Song
Track 3 – Winter Lady
Track 4 – The Stranger Song
Track 5 – The Old Revolution
Track 6 – Suzanne
Track 7 – Stories Of The Street
Track 8 – Lady Midnight
Track 9 – Nancy
Track 10 – So Long Marianne
Track 11 – Tonight Will Be Fine
Track 12 – Three Is A Magic Number

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