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Deerhunter @ Variety Playhouse 2008-10-31




MP3 ZIP file is here

5 comments to Deerhunter @ Variety Playhouse 2008-10-31

  • Riley

    for the live recording of Deerhunter @ Variety Playhouse 10/31/08, how do you download it? “flac file”????? and below it, it says “Right-Click(PC)/Option-Click(Mac) on tracks, choose Save to download files” do you do that when you you click on the flack files link? or do you have to have an account to that website to download this one??

  • admin

    Yeah you’d need an account at dimeadozen, but actually the FLAC files are no longer available there. It’s an old link I hadn’t cleaned up.

  • Riley

    oh thank you for the reply. okay
    so is there no other way do download the audio to that specific performance?

  • admin

    You can download the MP3s by saving each track individually. Let me know if you prefer the FLACs and I can re-upload them.

  • Riley

    could you guide me through the process of downloading each track individually, im not sure i know how.

    thank you