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The Tom Collins @ Caledonia Lounge 2009-08-22

The Tom Collins



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Remastered August 2017

7 comments to The Tom Collins @ Caledonia Lounge 2009-08-22

  • Doherty

    WOW! thanks again Sloan for making this happen. Can’t wait to give it a listen – real LOUD!!

  • foxbros

    fwiw, it was also The EARL’s 10th aniv and TTC’s tenth aniv of playing together, or so they said!!

  • Justin

    did you by chance get david barbe or hayride as well?

  • Kevin

    That was the bad thing!

  • dave

    audio sounds great. all great musicians, never seen them before. was like watching a clinic. fran’s a great guitar player, and the mustache made it that much better. Fran, if you’re reading this, lets make a deal on one of those guitars…

  • Jace

    Cool stuff! Breakin’ my balls by posting this before Face/Off, though! 😛

  • admin

    I could just get this one together much faster, it’s going to take hours and hours to make the Face/Off recordings happen. I did start though. Kinda.

    You may have heard, I actually lost some of the Face/Off recordings due to user error. Chickenphod Beeblepox is safe though.