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Vic Chesnutt Band @ 40 Watt Club 2009-11-02

Photo by Mike White

Vic Chesnutt

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Remastered November 2013

3 comments to Vic Chesnutt Band @ 40 Watt Club 2009-11-02

  • Thanks, Sloan! Been waiting for this to pop up. Anyone know if ATL and Wilmington were taped? Or any others besides the Somerville, MA show posted at etree?

  • Z-Man

    Thanks to Sloan as always. I caught Vic Friday night in Detroit:

    Here is last night’s Vic Chesnutt show from the DIA in Detroit. Vic was playing with members of Silver Mt. Zion and Fugazi This was my 2nd trip here. My first trip last winter was not a good one. I went to see Sarah Lee Guthrie. She was running late and my mics were spotted by the sound engineer. He would not allow me to tape. I explained that she was taper friendly. Did not make a difference. Last night was slated as 2 shows, 7:00 and 8:30. I left work at 5:30, stopped and got my gear, and walked into the court area at 7:02. I decided to keep a lo pro operation, even though Vic is totally cool with taping. I found a seat in the 4th row right of center. I hand held the mics for the first set. During the end of the set, a large gathering hit the room next door for wine. unfortunately, they were loud enough to make it onto the recording.

    I was preoccupied during the first set with getting in after it started, finding a decent seat, hand holding, etc. It sounds okay. Before the second set, I had a chance to chat with Vic. I told him about my experience last time here. I asked him if I have a problem, can I send them over to see him. He said not to worry. He knows Sewing Machine is one of my favorites. I decided to put my mics on my stand at head level, as I was feeling a bit more confident with Vic’s backing. During the break, I also spoke with Mikey at the Orpheum in LA as he was getting ready for Panic. He mentioned an Expiration. I told him Vic was doing all newer stuff with his larger band, and no shot in hell of that or Sewing Machine. Vic opened up the 2nd set solo, and PLAYED Sewing Machine. Boy was I shocked! Some other choice cuts mixed in with this set. After the show, I went over and thanked Vic. I looked at him and thanked him for the sewing Machine. I said to him, you know this is one of my favorites. He said, “I Know” as he smiled at me. What a feeling of warmth for me. I snapped a few pictures in the museum and headed out into the autumn night.

    For Dinner tonight, I hit China House on Warren Avenue. I was a bit surprised it was still open. i ordered a combo container to go. There was enough Fried Rice for 4 people. I also got Spicy Chicken with Broccoli and General Tso’s Chicken, and an Egg Roll. I ate a good piece of it. Where was I 32 years ago tonight? Binghampton for the Grateful Dead. An epic 2nd set featuring a killer St. Stephen!

    Enjoy show # 246 of 2009!

  • Nathan Baker

    There are a lot of videos of Vic’s last tour on YouTube. One in particular stands out. It’s his show in Saskatchewan on Nov. 21, 2009. It was recorded by a professional film crew, and they plan to release a DVD of the entire show.

    Here’s the first song from that evening: