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Drive-By Truckers @ 40 Watt Club 2010-01-16

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5 comments to Drive-By Truckers @ 40 Watt Club 2010-01-16


    I want to thank Sloan and John Barren for showing me the eqt! Most of all I NEED to thank Patterson for giving me the free tickets! Please support Nuci’s Space…



  • Doherty

    Thanks again Sloan – ready to give it a good, loud listen..Rock on–

  • David M

    Great recording of Saturday night’s show. I traveled down from Massachusetts to see the show Saturday. I have been really digging DBT for about 3 years now, and this was my first DBT show. Seeing them live is definitely a “religious experience”! Looking forward to their 2010 tour dates so I can try and attend another show. It would be great if they are playing at Austin City Limits this year, since I am attending. Thanks again for making Saturday’s show available for all of us to hear (and re-live).

  • JDB

    I attended UGA back in the late 90’s to early 2000’s and always saw posters and heard about the Dbt’s. Lordy what was I thinking not going to any shows? I first heard Zip City in 2004 I have become a huge Truckers fan since then. See everybody in Atlanta this Spring.