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The Vic Shows (Night 1) @ 40 Watt 2/19/10

Jill Carnes/Thimble Circus

Track 1 – Intro
Track 2 –

John Keane & Nathan Sheppard

Track 1 – Guilty By Association
Track 2 – Expiration Day
Track 3 – This Cruel Thing

David Barbe & The Quick Hooks

Track 1 – Where Were You
Track 2 – Bakersfield
Track 3 –

Kelly Hogan

Track 1 – Ways Of This World
Track 2 – Soft Picasso
Track 3 – Good Morning Mr. Hard On

Five Eight

Track 1 – It Ain’t Gonna Save Me
Track 2 – Speed Racer
Track 3 – Flirted With You All My Life
Track 4 – Everything I Say
Track 5 – Stop It

The La Di Das

Track 1 – The Grit Song
Track 2 – Never Basic
Track 3 – Chamberlin
Track 4 – Isadora Duncan

Ben Mize

Track 1 – Miss Mary
Track 2 – Latent/Blatant
Track 3 – Withering
Track 4 – Lucinda Williams

Jack Logan

Track 1 – Melodrama
Track 2 – Town Crier

Amorphous Strums

Track 1 – Wussy
Track 2 – Donut Shop
Track 3 – Accolades
Track 4 – I’ve Been Working On The Railroad

Flash To Bang Time

Track 1 – Tarragon
Track 2 – Woodrow Wilson
Track 3 – Bear In The Room


Track 1 – Parade
Track 2 – Naw
Track 3 – Chinaberry Tree

Romper Stompers

Track 1 – Lagoon
Track 2 – Blight
Track 3 – Have You Never Been Mellow
Track 4 – Band Camp
Track 5 – Puppy Sleeps
Track 6 – Sleeping Man

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5 comments to The Vic Shows (Night 1) @ 40 Watt 2/19/10

  • Sugi

    Thanks Sloan! The first song Jack Logan sang was called “Melodrama”, a unreleased Vic song from pre-record company 4 track session.

  • scott

    Thanks a ton for posting this – cant wait to hear nite #2. I can still remember standing in my friend Nicks living room in 1995 (ish) listening to vic for the 1st time. The last time I saw him live was in Los Angeles a few weeks before xmas – it was one of the most amazing concerts he played..Isadora Duncan for the encore brought tears to my eyes…

  • Lou

    Thanks so much for this. Looking forward to part 2. Though the reason for the shows makes me sad, I am so grateful for all the music. I remember first hearing Little in a record store in Berkeley, CA not long after it came out, and how excited I was to bring the album home. I checked my mp3 player last week and realized that I have more of Vic, album and live, than anyone else on there. I only got to see him twice over the years, so thanks for posting all those live shows of his earlier.

  • Nathan Baker

    Thanks for uploading these songs. Kelly Hogan’s studio version of “Soft Picasso” is, and forever will be, the best cover of a Vic Chesnutt song ever.