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Out-Of-Towners: Man Or Astroman? @ Whirlyball Atlanta 2010-03-05

Photo by Mike White

Man Or Astroman?

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10 comments to Out-Of-Towners: Man Or Astroman? @ Whirlyball Atlanta 2010-03-05

  • Jay Leo

    Awesome. One thing: the track you have labeled as “Universe City” is actually “Special Agent Conrad Uno.” Thanks!

  • PsychoMan

    Thanks. Really good sounding recording.
    But, is this the whole show? Beacause 52 minutes sounds a bit short.

  • admin

    Thanks, song title is fixed.

    Yes, this is the whole show; I thought it would be a little longer myself.

  • They are playing some at sxsw

  • dugost

    Thanks for posting!!

  • alex

    excellent, drive down to this show from allentown PA. Just as good as i remember them in the 90’s.

  • chuck

    thanks for posting. they sound amazing. the greatest live show i’ve ever seen.

  • dr. chaddeus

    agreed, alex. we drove up from Louisiana to the show the following night at the Bottle Tree (a bar owned by Birdstuff, btw) in Birmingham and i thought they were pretty tight. but yeah, they only played for about an hour, but as you can see from this clip

    from the atlanta show, they pack a lot of notes into 60 minutes (i was a little disappointed at the start of the show when Coco, through the electronic voice, said “over the next hour” or some such thing, but when it was over, i didn’t feel robbed). a little nugget of joy from after the show … I asked Coco if he thought they’d record again and he said yes. obviously it’s not a guarantee, but when i asked he didn’t hesitate and said something to the effect of “yeah, i really think so.” i told him i’d love to see it happen. no one makes music like these guys. if they don’t do it, no one will.

  • Philippe M.

    Just Thanks !