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Drive-By Truckers @ Georgia Theatre 2011-08-12

Drive-By Truckers

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5 comments to Drive-By Truckers @ Georgia Theatre 2011-08-12

  • Doherty

    Hey Sloan –

    Great seeing you last night and thanks again for getting this down. Appreciate getting this up so quick! Sounds fantastic brother!
    Doherty –

  • john

    Well august 12, 2011 was the best darn show of the truckers i’ve ever seen.

  • Shannon

    Freakin awesome sound! Thanks from a broke soul that couldn’t be there!

  • David

    Georgia is a long way from Washington State- but thanks to you guys (and this site)I get to hear the shows anyway.
    Thank you!!

  • Richard

    Georgia is also a long ways from Oregon, but this wonderful music comes through loud and clear! Thank you! We’re all there in heart and soul!