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Drive-By Truckers @ Georgia Theatre 2012-08-23

Drive-By Truckers

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18 comments to Drive-By Truckers @ Georgia Theatre 2012-08-23

  • good effort, chaps. All is forgiven for the email hell 🙂

    Please, please don’t forget to come to London again soon. Missed you at Shepherd’s Bush this year. Don’t leave it too long, y’all!

  • larry sharp

    Its like Southern Rock with a purpose… you know a cause… Being a Southern Boy myself I do beleive There’s not one song I can’t relate to!!! They tha Shit!!! I saw Synyrd live in 76 and beleive me, these ole boys here are the real deal!! Better, with out a doubt!!! DBT!!DBT!!DBT!!

  • Paul Lovato

    Thanks this for sure makes up for it!! Was great to see you in Boulder never miss a show when you guys hit us up a Mile High! Much luv.

  • Glen Follett

    All is forgiven. Come back to Southern California (Pioneertown would be perfect).

  • tim hanson

    spam me anytime if i get to listen to a killer DBT show !!!
    see ya in boston on 18th patterson … thanks man ..

  • George Cox

    The spam was fine.Gave me a chance to get to know other trucker fans in all their glory. {patterson’s tour leaves out the best part of California, S.F.!!?? thanks for the great shows.

  • Doherty

    Thanks Sloan for being there up top to get this down for us. One of my top 15 DBT shows…Good to see you brother….

  • BV

    Worth the pain to rock to these tunes!!!

  • Tim Jennings

    Killer shows … as always and huge thanks!
    Booked for the Union Chapel show Nov 13 … can’t wait!!

  • Im with everyone else. If it gets me a great show like this one, spam away.. 🙂 Making a DBT brew soon. I will send you a 12 pack. CHEERS!

  • Gavin Duncan

    My Spam blues have gone thanks for the show England awaits your return.

  • Punk rockers paid 12 dollars to be shat upon!

  • what a find!….i’ve just spent almost an hour listening to these shows! thanks DBT!


  • easymorningrebel

    DBT’s rule, come back to SFL please!!

  • Greg

    come on back to chicago y’all we miss you

  • Pedro

    Our soldiers are still being blown up in Afghanistan, half the world doesn’t have enough food to eat, the planet is roasting and Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are trying to install a soulless robot and his bogus little buddy in the White House. And folks are vexed about having to spend 20 seconds deleting a few dozen spammy emails??

    Get a grip.

  • Hollar Blue

    Thank you so much! Am missing out on shows living up in the Yukon, so this is a real treat. You should consider playing Whitehorse any time or Dawson City’s Music Festival next summer.

  • Buddy Bebo

    Thank God for the DBT’s! Had strayed for a while………. Then the great spam fiasco of 2012 shed some light on what really makes me happy. It’s a southern rock thang!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Y’all.