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Robert Schneider w/ John Ferguson & Ben Phelan (of The Apples In Stereo) @ 40 Watt Club 2013-10-24

Out-Of-Towners: The Apples In Stereo @ 40 Watt 2010-08-13

Out-Of-Towners: Apples In Stereo @ 40 Watt 8/12/06

[This marks the first in an occasional series I'll be doing of bands who aren't from Athens, but have some sort of connection, or even just popular shows of interest to Athenians. I promise to keep the main focus on the Athens bands.]

Apples In Stereo closed out the Popfest with a great set featuring several songs from their upcoming New Magnetic Wonder. Bill Doss (Olivia Tremor Control/The Sunshine Fix) has joined (permanently?) on multiple instruments and vocals.

Track 1 – Skyway
Track 2 – Do You Understand?
Track 3 – The Rainbow
Track 4 – Open Eyes
Track 5 – Go
Track 6 – Rainfall
Track 7 – Hypnotic Suggestion
Track 8 – Stream Running Over
Track 9 – Turn Up The Stereo
Track 10 – You Gotta Play Tough, My Love
Track 11 – Please
Track 12 – Ruby
Track 13 – Strawberryfire