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Circulatory System @ Caledonia Lounge 2014-03-22

Circulatory System perform songs from the new Mosaics Within Mosaics album, available now from their own Cloud Recordings label



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Terrarium (Circulatory System) @ 40 Watt Club 2014-01-04

Photo by David Basham




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Circulatory System @ 40 Watt 6/5/10

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Circulatory System



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Circulatory System @ 40 Watt 10/10/09

Circulatory System @ Caledonia 10/11/06

Circulatory System @ 40 Watt 4/14/07

Circulatory System: Phase 2 @ 40 Watt 2/7/07

Circulatory System popped up last week on short notice with a very different show than their usual. “Phase 2″ was added to the name to differentiate; this performance was more heavily “experimental”, with songs appearing and dissolving occasionally throughout the improvisation, rather than being the focus. Arrangements were loosened and traditional roles altered. Charlie Johnston of 63 Crayons added otherworldly guitar effects to round out most of the usual lineup.

[I've tracked and named this in "movements", rather than by song names, as that seems more appropriate for this performance]

Track 1 – I
Track 2 – II
Track 3 – III
Track 4 – IV

Circulatory System @ Secret Squirrel 9/1/06