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A @ Caledonia 6/3/05

Creston Spiers @ Creston’s House 6/7/08

These tracks are outtakes from the recording for Creston SpiersYesterday’s Parade/The Time Has Come 7″ I put out last year.  The three Leonard Cohen covers were recorded with Creston on his living room couch playing an acoustic 12-string, live with no overdubs.  I’ve left a couple false starts and chatter in the recording, just for fun.

Track 1 – Bird On A Wire
Track 2 – Lady Midnight
Track 3 – Stories Of The Street

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Southern Shelter Record(s): Creston Spiers 7"( + 5/1/08)

Creston Spiers



Ted Hafer Rock Show @ 40 Watt 2/2/08 Wrap-Up