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Gay Africa @ Little Kings Shuffle Club 2011-12-08

Gay Africa



MP3 ZIP file is here

Gay Africa CDr EP

Our friends at Thor’s Rubber Hammer have released Gay Africa’s debut, the CDr EP Pizzaze!, which I recorded at the 40 Watt earlier this year. Lars at TRHP says:

Gay Africa is yet another Dark Meat offshoot, this time a foursome led by the long-haired nuke-jammer Jim McHugh. Bedded with the drone of an electronic raagini, Gay Africa completely improvises “Dream Cables,” a 20-minute raga-rocker recorded live at the 40 Watt in Athens, Geo., by Sloan Simpson. Jim’s in Richard-Thompson-channeling-Ravi-Shankar mode, with Emily Armond (flute), Theodore Tutu (trumpet) and Jason Robira (drums) kicking up the dirt and celebrating the spirits. The packaging is really something on this one, too. Each copy is entirely unique: hand-painted by Kate Burnet on reused, cut-up vinyl jackets. The insert is an origami fortune teller folded from old maps. These took a long time to make, but were so worth the wait. Hand-numbered edition of 150.

A sample is available at TRHP.