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Gimme Shelter Benefit @ 40 Watt 8/15/07

A cast of thousands (or a couple dozen at least) of Athens musicians came together to bash out some Neil Young covers, to benefit Athens Area Homeless Shelter. In addition to the singers and bands listed below, lots of assistance was rendered by folks like Clay Leverett (Lona/The Chasers), Michael Gibson (Dashboard Saviors), Todd Nance (Widespread Panic/Barbara Cue), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), John Neff (John Neff), etc.

*** Oh yeah: If you’re wondering why this was called “Gimme Shelter”, it’s because this was the second annual event, and the original one featured Stones songs. ***

Track 1 – Helpless [Frank Mason]
Track 2 – Hangin’ On A Limb [Solstice Sisters]
Track 3 – Love Is A Rose [Solstice Sisters]
Track 4 – The Old Laughing Lady [Kimberly Morgan]
Track 5 – Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Kimberly Morgan/Solstice Sisters]
Track 6 – Tonight’s The Night [Wydelles]
Track 7 – On The Beach [Jack Logan]
Track 8 – Time Fades Away [Jack Logan]
Track 9 – For The Turnstiles [Rob Veal]
Track 10 – Albuquerque [Todd McBride]
Track 11 – Too Far Gone [Todd McBride]
Track 12 – Barstool Blues [Todd McBride]
Track 13 – When You Dance You Can Really Love [Dave Marr]
Track 14 – I Believe In You [Dave Marr]
Track 15 – Out On The Weekend [Wydelles]
Track 16 – Bite The Bullet [Mother Jackson]
Track 17 – Alabama [Mother Jackson]
Track 18 – Words (Between The Lines Of Age) [Mother Jackson]
Track 19 – Revolution Blues [Mother Jackson]
Track 20 – Down By The River [Jackpot City]
Track 21 – Heart Of Gold [Jackpot City]
Track 22 – The Loner [Jackpot City]
Track 23 – Look Out For My Love [William Tonks]
Track 24 – Don’t Let It Bring You Down [William Tonks]
Track 25 – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [William Tonks]
Track 26 – E:) Southern Man [Dave Marr]

FLAC files are here (these are hosted locally as a ZIP file, I don’t think dimeadozen would allow a multi-artist torrent; as always let me know if there’s a problem downloading these)