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Don Chambers & GOAT @ Caledonia Lounge 2011-10-28

Don Chambers & GOAT MP3 ZIP file is here FLAC files are here [permanent link] NOTE: The streaming function is broken for older posts. We are editing all posts to use the new streaming player as time allows.

Dave Marr & GOAT @ Caledonia 10/8/10

Dave Marr backed by Don Chambers & GOAT, with some new songs. Track 1 – I’ll Play Angel Track 2 – Gastonia Track 3 – By The River Track 4 – Both Our Towns Track 5 – The Longer We Sleep, The Better The Dream Track 6 – The 4:05 Track 7 – When I’m […]

Don Chambers And Goat @ Georgia Theatre 9/12/08

Don Chambers And Goat released their newest album Zebulon this week on Athens’ WARM label. Friday’s release show kicked off two weeks of touring, including several dates with DBT. Track 1 – Conjuring A Dead Rabbit Track 2 – Falling Off The Edge Of The World Track 3 – Highwater Track 4 – Fire In […]

Don Chambers & Goat @ Caledonia 6/9/07

This was the last Goat show to feature guitarist Patrick Hargon and his wife bassist Lisa Hargon-Smith before their move from Athens. Track 1 – Fire In The KitchenTrack 2 – Caligari FoxtrotTrack 3 – Falling Off The Edge Of The WorldTrack 4 – Ain’t No Way To PlowTrack 5 – Henry The NavigatorTrack 6 […]

Don Chambers + GOAT @ Athfest 6/24/06

Don and Goat brought their thing to a big crowd and turned a lot of heads at Athfest. They brought out Don’s former Pig Iron bandmate Jason Korn for “Fit To Be Tied” and an army of ladder- and trashcan-bangers for “Goat”. Track 1 – Black Creek Water Track 2 – Strange Faith Track 3 […]

Don Chambers + GOAT @ Caledonia Lounge 2/3/06

This was the last GOAT show before Don left for Europe for a few months. He’s back just in time to play the main stage at Athfest (plus some other shows). Track 1 – Werewolf Moon Track 2 – Strange Faith Track 3 – Back In The Woods Track 4 – Florida Vacation Track 5 […]