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Kenosha Kid @ Hendershot’s 2015-01-09

Kenosha Kid @ Hendershot’s 2014-12-10

Kenosha Kid @ Hendershot’s 2014-08-28

Photo by Mike White

Kenosha Kid



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Kenosha Kid @ Hendershot’s 2013-09-03

Kenosha Kid @ Highwire 2011-07-19

Kenosha Kid (click the link for many more live recordings), this time with two drummers.

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Kenosha Kid @ Caledonia Lounge 2010-10-15

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Kenosha Kid‘s release show for Land Of Obey

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Kenosha Kid @ Secret Squirrel 11/17/07

Kenosha Kid‘s “Electri-Kid” lineup (leader Dan Nettles – guitar, Neal Fountain – bass, Jeff Reilly – drums) work through some extended improvs in a set that gets much further “out” than what I’ve posted from the horn-based Kid ensembles.

Track 1 – X,Y, Then Z
Track 2 – Pleasure To Burn
Track 3 – Mechanical Hound
Track 4 – Fabrication

Kenosha Kid "Steamboat Bill Jr." @ Cine 10/4/07

Kenosha Kid‘s Dan Nettles has written a score to Buster Keaton’s silent film Steamboat Bill Jr. Here the band performs it live to a screening of the film at Cine.

To hear the music in its intended setting, burn the audio files to a CD or arrange in a playlist. Grab the DVD from Netflix or your local video store, and start Track 2 when the opening credits begin. You can also stream the movie here, just turn down the original audio.

Track 1 – Intro
Track 2 – Fanfare/Muddy Waters
Track 3 – Telegram
Track 4 – White Carnations
Track 5 – Reunion
Track 6 – A Close Shave
Track 7 – Hat Trick
Track 8 – Working Clothes
Track 9 – King, Bill, Kitty & Junior
Track 10 – What Makes The Boat Go
Track 11 – Eight Bells
Track 12 – Out The Window
Track 13 – Morning/Father Fight
Track 14 – Weather Conditions
Track 15 – Jailbreak
Track 16 – Storm Clouds
Track 17 – Stage Door
Track 18 – Save the Day
Track 19 – Rescue
Track 20 – Wrap-up