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Marriage @ Caledonia 9/12/09

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[Sometimes I ask bands to write their own blurb. This is one of those cases; please direct any questions to the band]

Formerly known as “Kirbles irnd Birts” “Marriage” has skyrocketed into Stardom as “The Best Band In the World” on “A Different World” and in the process won a Daytime Emmy for the song “Two Werewolves and a Jonas Brother” only to find a greater audience in the world of cover music as their alias “Mirage” or “Seein’ Water” In this particular set titled: “Riding a Yellow Rubber Werewolf Railroad” , “punch puncher” aka “Marriage” is playing “Upside Down” –Howard Taft*

*This Blurb has been treated with “Hyper Reality”

Track 1 – 10 Words
Track 2 – The Giant
Track 3 – Nebuchadnezzar
Track 4 – What They Deserve
Track 5 – Things
Track 6 – What’s In A Name
Track 7 – The Ticket In My Pocket
Track 8 – Grown Eyes For Infants

MP3 ZIP file is here