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Neal Pattman @ Georgia Theatre 4/14/01

From Music Maker Relief Foundation: “Nobody made moonshine, worked a cakewalk, chopped wood or played a harmonica like Neal Pattman (1926-2005).

Losing an arm in a wagon wheel at the age of nine didn’t slowed him at all. “66 years ago the Blues knocked on my door and they wouldn’t leave.”

His testimony can be heard in a sound and a style his daddy taught him as a child in the country outside Athens, Georgia.”

Track 1 – Intro
Track 2 –
Track 3 –
Track 4 – Prison Blues
Track 5 – Mannish Boy
Track 6 –
Track 7 –
Track 8 –
Track 9 – Momma Whoopin’ Blues
Track 10 –