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The Agenda! @ Caledonia 9/17/09

[From their onesheet]

The Agenda! reunited after a 5 year break from being the greatest rock n roll band in the history of the universe (other than The Misfits and ELO). Back with a tighter lineup, beards, old axes to grind, and tunes your sister would swoon for.

Track 1 – I Want The Panic!
Track 2 – Ain’t No Fashion Show
Track 3 – I Just Wanna Know Yr Name
Track 4 – Crash! Crash!
Track 5 – Danger, Danger Love!
Track 6 – Shake! Shake! Scream!
Track 7 – Suicide City
Track 8 – 50,000 Watts Of Love!
Track 9 – Black Knees
Track 10 – Only The Young Die Young
Track 11 – Strike Like A Viper

MP3 ZIP file is here