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Quick Break & Server Bill

I’m going to take a few days off from updating the site with new shows. This is so I can focus on upcoming projects, and of course I’m still recording more shows to bring you.

The site hosting bill was paid for a year in advance, and that period is about to expire. If you enjoy Southern Shelter and would like to make a small donation to help with costs, this is a good time.

Stolen Band Gear in Chicago

The Powder Room and Vincas are on tour and found their van broken into this morning in Chicago. Following is a list of gear taken. Chicago-area readers (particularly those who may frequent music stores and pawn shops) please keep an eye out for this stuff:

1998 lefty fender standard tele made in USA
N8 345175

1982 Tobacco burst Standard Les Paul

Rickenbacher blue burst 4003

1978 Fender Precision Bass

1981 Music man HD-150 bass head
Vox AC-30

32×18 SKB powered pedal board containing:

Ehx green big muff
Boss re-20 space echo
Weeping demon wah
Hardwire distortion

32×16 Gator pedal board with g-bus power supply containing:

Ernie ball volume pedal beat to hell and back

Dunlop cry baby from hell 97203001741

Digitech whammy 4

Effects boutique SRB-808
Vintage reissue rat
Custom clean boost
Tu-2 tuner
XR 59995

Boss dd-6 Velcro covering serial number

Boss rv-5
Horizon line selector

70s Rogers kick drum pedal

Toshiba laptop
Gateway NV51B35u laptop
Exploring Microsoft word textbook

UPDATE: An Indiegogo account has been set up by a friend of the bands. If you’d like to donate to help with this devastating loss I know the guys will appreciate it.