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Rolling Stones Tribute Show @ Little Kings 2014-04-08

Lou Reed Tribute (Night Two) @ 40 Watt Club 2013-12-21

Lou Reed Tribute (Night One) @ 40 Watt Club 2013-12-20

Songs Of John Prine @ Caledonia Lounge 2/14/12

“Underneath The Covers” Benefit @ 40 Watt 12/5/09

“Underneath The Covers” is an annual benefit show for the MAC AIDS Fund and AIDS  Athens (organized by 40 Watt‘s David Basham) where local bands pick a classic band to cover.

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The Matt Kurz One (as The Who)

Track 1 – Substitute
Track 2 – Pictures Of Lily
Track 3 – Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Track 4 – I’m A Boy
Track 5 – My Generation
Track 6 – The Seeker
Track 7 – I Can’t Explain
Track 8 – The Kids Are Alright
Track 9 – See Me, Feel Me

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Mark Wenthe & The Cleaners (as The Kinks)

Track 1 – You Really Got Me
Track 2 – Big Sky
Track 3 – Animal Farm
Track 4 – Victoria
Track 5 – A Well Respected Man
Track 6 – Lola
Track 7 – Apeman
Track 8 – Picture Book
Track 9 – Johnny Thunder
Track 10 – Wicked Annabella
Track 11 – All Day And All Of The Night

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Five Eight (as Television)

Track 1 – See No Evil
Track 2 – Venus
Track 3 – Friction
Track 4 – Marquee Moon

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Memory Gospel Dancers (as Devo)

Track 1 – Intro
Track 2 – Uncontrollable Urge
Track 3 – Girl U Want
Track 4 – Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
Track 5 – Mongoloid
Track 6 – Jocko Homo
Track 7 – Freedom Of Choice
Track 8 – Gates Of Steel
Track 9 – Gut Feeling/Slap Your Mammy
Track 10 – Whip It

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Don Chambers & GOAT (as The Pogues)

Track 1 – If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Track 2 – Dirty Old Town
Track 3 – Sally Maclennane
Track 4 – A Rainy Night In Soho
Track 5 – Thousands Are Sailing
Track 6 – Fairytale Of New York
Track 7 – Streams Of Whiskey

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Jason Molina, Liz Durrett, Castanets & Phosphorescent @ Flicker 12/4/06

Here’s a rarity: Jason Molina, Liz Durrett, Castanets, and Phosphorescent taking turns playing songs for Athens’ most intimate venue.

Track 1 – Intro
[Jason Molina]
Track 2 – Twilight Come
Track 3 – Here Comes The Night
Track 4 – Hold On Magnolia
[Liz Durrett]
Track 5 – Caterwaul
Track 6 – Knives At The Wall
Track 7 – On The Beach
Track 8 – Bells Aloud
Track 9 – All That I Know To Have Changed In You
Track 10 – Cocaine Lights
Track 11 – South (of America)
[Jason Molina]
Track 12 – Memphis Moon
Track 13 – Down The Wrong Road Both Ways
Track 14 – Leave The City
Track 15 – Marsh Fire
[Liz Durrett]
Track 16 – Husk
Track 17 – Far From Home
Track 18 – You’ll Never Walk Alone
Track 19 – This Is The Early Game
Track 20 – Cathedral 4 (The Unbreaking Branch And Song)
Track 21 – Three Days, Four Nights
Track 22 – I Am A Full Grown Man (I Will Lay In The Grass All Day)
Track 23 – Mrs. Juliette Low
Track 24 – Endless
[Jason Molina]
Track 25 – I’ve Been Riding With The Ghost
Track 26 – Hard To Love A Man
Track 27 – Montgomery Bound
Track 28 – Hammer Down
Track 29 – Bowery
[Liz Durrett]
Track 30 – Continental Divide
Track 31 – Note For A Girl
Track 32 – In The Throes
Track 33 – You Are The Blood
Track 34 – The Smallest Bones
Track 35 – When We Fall
Track 36 – Lost Name
[Jason Molina]
Track 37 – Astrabel
Track 38 – Oh Grace

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Face/Off: Garage-A-Trois @ 40 Watt 8/15/09 (Sampler)

Jeff Tobias assembled another evening of bands made of randomly-chosen bands, this time to benefit Athens-Oconee CASA.  While Face/Off has consisted of duos in the past, this time Jeff went with trios to change things up a bit more.

Unfortunately, recording from the audience doesn’t always go well (luckily it’s a hobby, so there’s no boss to chastise me over this).  The three stage format means that I either have to move the recording gear each time the action moves to the third stage (not logistically feasible, as there’s no downtime between bands), or else accept that the recordings from that stage will sound less than desirable.  The latter option is what we ended up with.  Recordings of louder bands from that stage are somewhat listenable, but the quieter acts are basically inaudible because of distance and crowd noise.  I’ve omitted those quiet acts here; if you played in one and are dying to hear what I did get, drop me a line and I’ll send your tracks to you privately.

To make matters worse, I managed to lose/delete the files from three of the bands.  I occasionally lose a file, but this is the first time I’ve lost three at once.  I apologize to all the omitted bands, I’d have much preferred this be a complete set of recordings.

Garbage-A-Trois [Josh Wootton, Kristin Munchheimer, John Norris]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
Chickenphod Beeblepox [Jace Bartet, Mercer West, Winston Parker]
Track 1 -
Kanye Twitty [Mat Lewis, Adam Bewley, Jason Roach]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
Tom Brokaw [Daniel Ray, Mary-Eleanor Joyce, Forrest Leffer]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
Tobias Wolff [Wyatt Strother, Zack Kennedy, Thom Strickland]
Track 1 -
The People In The Kitchen Under The Stairs [Killick, Amy Whisenhunt, Colby Carter]
(Omitted, poor recording quality)
Pawpaw [Greg Collins, Chris Holcombe, Mary Field]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
50 Hectares Of Vine [Andy Pruett, J.J. Bower, Nick Robbins]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
We Versus The Shark [Craig Lieske, Nate Nelson, Kate Schoenke]
(Omitted, poor recording quality)
‘Ssassins [Kemp Stroble, Mike Albanese, Kate Mikulka]
Track 1 -
Dick Van Suck [Andrew Prater, Andy Hollingsworth, Oak Munson]
(File Missing)
Garanimal Crackers [John O'Loughlin, Christopher Ingham, David Specht]
(File Missing)
Rice Crackers [Naoko Uno, Will Eskridge, Zachary Gresham]
(File Missing)
Mortal Wombat [Brent Blalock, Patrick Ferguson, Matthew Palmerlee]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
Snake Whip [C.K. Koch, Ryan Wilson, Tony Evans]
Track 1 -
Shop Class [Luke Fields, Josh Jordan, Coley Dennis]
Track 1 -
Steamy Premies [Bill Brennan, Blaze Bateh, Scott Smith]
Track 1 -
Mike Mills [Kris Deason, Roy Coughlin, Ian Werden]
Track 1 -
Track 2 -
Track 3 -
Track 4 -
Track 5 -

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Athens Bar & Restaurant Battle of the Bands @ 40 Watt 4/27/09

Murmur Tribute @ 40 Watt 11/25/08

Elephant 6 Orchestra @ Cine 10/7/08

The Elephant 6 Orchestra began their Holiday Surprise tour at Cine. The collective play material from many of their members’ projects and the tour gives people outside Athens their best chance in years to catch this many of the players at the same time.

A note on the recording: this is only the first set of the evening. The room acoustics were so bad to my ears that I left at the setbreak; I literally couldn’t hear what was going on with the music through large portions on the show. That said, my microphones were a few feet higher than my ears, and the recording was more listenable than I expected. It’s still not the greatest recording (I have “mastered” it to extract the goodness from the mud as much as possible), but I thought it may be worth a listen for those who attended, as well as people who won’t have a chance to see any of the tour. Song titles are followed by the name of the original artist.

Track 1 – His Mister’s Pet Whistles [Major Organ And The Adding Machine]
Track 2 – Neon Globe [Circulatory System]
Track 3 – Yesterday’s World [Circulatory System]
Track 4 – Love Athena [Olivia Tremor Control]
Track 5 – No Growing (Exegesis) [Olivia Tremor Control]
Track 6 – Snorkel [The Gerbils]
Track 7 – The Minister Of Longitude [The Music Tapes]
Track 8 – The Television Tells Us [The Music Tapes]
Track 9 – Spiral Stairs [Elf Power]
Track 10 – An Old Familiar Scene [Elf Power]
Track 11 – Karaoke Free [Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't]
Track 12 – I Have Been Floated [Olivia Tremor Control]

FLAC files are here

Athens Face/Off #4 @ 40 Watt 9/4/08

The fourth installment of Athens Face/Off‘s randomly-matched-duos shindig took place recently. My apologies to the last three groups (and to you listeners) for leaving before the end of the show, my second wind never arrived.

Track 1 – Brantley Senn (Dead Confederate) vs Max Talkovich (Daffodil)
Track 2 – Ian Mittler (Titans Of Filth) vs Carter Ross (Holy Liars)
Track 3 – Mary Joyce (Maximum Busy Muscle) vs Trey Fowke (Flowers Of Evil)
Track 4 - Gordon Lamb vs Craig Lieske (Garbage Island)
Track 5 – Jordan Noel (Iron Hero) vs Matt Nelson (A Armada)
Track 6 - Christopher Ingham (Christopher’s Liver) vs Kelsey Brooks (Divided Like A Saint’s)
Track 7 – Walker Howle (Dead Confederate) vs Will Donaldson

Track 8 - Eric Buzzard (Especially The Children) vs Eric Harris (Elf Power)

Track 9 – Chris Holcombe (Subrig Destroyer) vs Melissa Colbert (Creepy)
Track 10 - Deaf Judges vs Jeff Tobias (We Versus The Shark)
Track 11 – Josh McKay (Abandon The Earth Mission) vs Frank MacDonell (Producto)
Track 12 - Chena Stephens (Folklore) vs Mat Lewis (The Buddy System)

FLAC files are here (permanent local link)

Athens Face/Off II @ 40 Watt 2/9/08

This 2nd (annual?) Athens Face/Off show featured members of Dark Meat “versus” randomly assigned members of other local bands. Each duo was given a 10-minute slot and the results landed all over the map stylistically.

Bombardopolis [Jeff Tobias vs. Blake Tabb(Gemini Cricket)]
Track 1 –
Track 2 –

Native Tongues [Emily Armond vs. Gabe Vodicka(Long Legged Woman)]

Track 3 -
Track 4 –

Naranja [Kayla vs. John Fernandes(Circulatory System)]

Track 5 -
Track 6 -
Track 7 –
Track 8 – I Saw Her Standing There

Expert Work [Charlie Estes vs. Jeremy Harbin(A. Armada)]
Track 9 –

Garbage System [Heather McIntosh vs. Chris Herron(Garbage Island)]
Track 10 –

Booze Clooze [Aaron Jollay vs. Steve Miller(300 Cobras)]
Track 11 –
Track 12 – At Last I Am Free

500 Points [Tim Schrieber vs. Colby Carter(Mouser)]
Track 13 – Flop House
Track 14 – Box Of Rocks
Track 15 –
Track 16 –
Track 17 –
Track 18 –
Track 19 –

Goldenrod [Ben Clack vs. Mark Dale(Pegasuses-XL)]
Track 20 – It’s OK To Feel Sexy

Dylan And Garfunkel [Dylan vs. Roy Coughlin(Some Animal)]
Track 21 – Werewolves Of London
Track 22 –
Track 23 –

Boatmeal [Forrest Leffer vs. Patrick Ware(The Dumps)]
Track 24 –

Chicken Pasta Suicide [Kris Deason vs. Jay Roach(The Gimme 5)]
Track 25 –
Track 26 –

Death Knobs [Jim McHugh vs. Curtis]
Track 27 –

Ocean Raves [Sara-J Ursry vs. Patrick Carey(Ginger Envelope)]
Track 28 –
Track 29 –

Drug Gods [Bryan Poole vs. Matt Kurz(Matt Kurz One)]
Track 30 –

Dope Friends [Claire Campbell vs. Maryn(Divided Like A Saint's)]

Track 31 –

Monotaur [Al Daglis vs. Andy Hollingsworth(The Dumps)]
Track 32 –

Musick Party @ The Morgans’ 12/14/07

Gimme Shelter Benefit @ 40 Watt 8/15/07

A cast of thousands (or a couple dozen at least) of Athens musicians came together to bash out some Neil Young covers, to benefit Athens Area Homeless Shelter. In addition to the singers and bands listed below, lots of assistance was rendered by folks like Clay Leverett (Lona/The Chasers), Michael Gibson (Dashboard Saviors), Todd Nance (Widespread Panic/Barbara Cue), Mike Mills (R.E.M.), John Neff (John Neff), etc.

*** Oh yeah: If you’re wondering why this was called “Gimme Shelter”, it’s because this was the second annual event, and the original one featured Stones songs. ***

Track 1 – Helpless [Frank Mason]
Track 2 – Hangin’ On A Limb [Solstice Sisters]
Track 3 – Love Is A Rose [Solstice Sisters]
Track 4 – The Old Laughing Lady [Kimberly Morgan]
Track 5 – Only Love Can Break Your Heart [Kimberly Morgan/Solstice Sisters]
Track 6 – Tonight’s The Night [Wydelles]
Track 7 – On The Beach [Jack Logan]
Track 8 – Time Fades Away [Jack Logan]
Track 9 – For The Turnstiles [Rob Veal]
Track 10 – Albuquerque [Todd McBride]
Track 11 – Too Far Gone [Todd McBride]
Track 12 – Barstool Blues [Todd McBride]
Track 13 – When You Dance You Can Really Love [Dave Marr]
Track 14 – I Believe In You [Dave Marr]
Track 15 – Out On The Weekend [Wydelles]
Track 16 – Bite The Bullet [Mother Jackson]
Track 17 – Alabama [Mother Jackson]
Track 18 – Words (Between The Lines Of Age) [Mother Jackson]
Track 19 – Revolution Blues [Mother Jackson]
Track 20 – Down By The River [Jackpot City]
Track 21 – Heart Of Gold [Jackpot City]
Track 22 – The Loner [Jackpot City]
Track 23 – Look Out For My Love [William Tonks]
Track 24 – Don’t Let It Bring You Down [William Tonks]
Track 25 – Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere [William Tonks]
Track 26 – E:) Southern Man [Dave Marr]

FLAC files are here (these are hosted locally as a ZIP file, I don’t think dimeadozen would allow a multi-artist torrent; as always let me know if there’s a problem downloading these)