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Vic Chesnutt @ 40 Watt Club 2005-10-07

The Vic Shows (Night 2) @ 40 Watt Club 2010-02-20



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The Vic Shows (Night 1) @ 40 Watt 2/19/10

Brute @ 40 Watt 2/3/01

Vic Blog

As I’m wrapping up my Vic Chesnutt posting, I want to point out a new blog dedicated to Vic by my friend Charles Fontaine.  Debriefing: The Music And Art Of Vic Chesnutt is an excellent song-by-song analysis of Vic’s work.  I strongly recommend checking it out if you’re a fan.

Undertow Orchestra @ 40 Watt 2006-02-08

Vic Chesnutt @ 40 Watt 2003-05-17

Vic Chesnutt @ Variety Playhouse 2/15/02