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We Versus The Shark @ Morton Theatre 6/26/09

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Due to the Georgia Theatre fire, “The Death of We Versus The Shark” was moved to the Morton at the last minute.  This was their end (save for a “secret” after-party house show) but the guys plan to form a new band in the future.  Departed guitarist/singer Samantha Paulsen rejoined for this goodbye show.

Track 1 – Ten Uh Clock Heart Uh Tack
Track 2 – This Graceless Planet
Track 3 – As Good As It Gets
Track 4 – The Lament Of Sue Richards
Track 5 – I Am At The Mercy Of An Ambulance Driver
Track 6 – I Am Destined For Greatness
Track 7 – I Am A Caffeinated Corpse
Track 8 – Gothic Y’all
Track 9 – I Am Your Idea
Track 10 – Practical Animals
Track 11 – You Don’t Have To Kick It

MP3 ZIP file is here

We Versus The Shark @ 40 Watt 6/21/08