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    What's going on here?

    I record live shows as a hobby. Since 2006 I've posted some of the best of my collection of Athens, Atlanta, and national acts here for free download.

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    Why do you do this?

    I've recorded artists who allow me to as a hobby for years. I created this site as a way to give some publicity to many of the great under-appreciated Athens acts, and to share with their fans. I also hope readers who live in/visit Athens will use it as a resource for picking new music to see live.

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    Where do you get these recordings?

    I record all these shows myself, generally with a pair of microphones on a stand from somewhere in the audience. Gear details are below.

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    What gear do you use to record?

    My current recording rig is as follows

    - Pair of Neumann KM-184 microphones
    - Grace Lunatec V2 microphone preamp
    - Sony PCM-D50 recorder

    Gear may vary on older recordings, feel free to ask if you're curious about a specific show.

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    How do I stream these files?

    Clicking on the Play arrow next to any song title will pop out the Yahoo Media Player and begin buffering/streaming the song. The player will generate a playlist of all the song showing on the main page, so if left alone it should play hours of Athens music for you.

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    Streaming files are choppy, how can I fix this?

    Users with slower internet connections may experience choppy audio when streaming. After a track starts playing, click the Pause button (either beside the track name or on the pop-out media player itself), wait several seconds for data to buffer and click Play. Buffering is only done on a per-track basis, so you'll need to do this at the start of each song.

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    How do I download the MP3s?

    Right-clicking on a file should give you the option Save As (Mac: Control-click). In the past I haven't uploaded ZIP files of entire shows due to lack of bandwidth, but I'm trying to incorporate those for future posts. I suggest using DownloadThemAll (for Firefox) or a similar download manager to grab whole shows where ZIP files don't exist

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    What are FLACs, why would I want them, and how do I download them?

    Whereas MP3 files use a "lossy" compression that permanently removes certain frequencies, FLAC is a "lossless" compression, meaning the resulting file is "CD quality" with no frequencies lost. Many people can't hear the loss inherent in MP3, and if you're concerned about download time, or the files are destined for you iPod you may as well grab the MP3s. Listeners with keen ears and quality playback systems may prefer FLACs.

    FLACs are distributed via BitTorrent due to their large size and bandwidth limitations. I normally use DimeADozen to host these, as it has the most eclectic userbase in my opinion, getting the files up where more people will find them. While DimeADozen requires a (free) membership, inactive accounts are purged regularly, freeing up slots for new users. If you have trouble getting signed on, simply try again several times; most people report getting in within a day or two.

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    Did you record ______ and will you post it?

    Feel free to ask if there's something you think I may have recorded that you'd like to see posted here. In some cases the artist may have asked me not to post a show for various reasons (critical of their performance, performance contained unreleased songs, etc.), but the case may be that I've forgotten I have it or don't know there's demand.

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    Can you record my band? We're playing at ______.

    As recording is a hobby rather than my income source, I try not to make any commitments in order to keep it fun and not a source of stress. Feel free to let me know your band is playing, but I generally don't RSVP for shows.

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    Do you accept donations?

    I've recently begun accepting donations on an as-needed basis. Earlier this year I received enough through donations to prepay the hosting fees through next year. Now I've reactivated the donation button for people who are interested in helping offset the cost of a new PC needed for Southern Shelter.

    Please note that donations are completely voluntary, the music offered here remains free as always.